Executive Director's Office

Michele Roberts - Executive Director

WNBPA Operations

Pamela Wheeler - Director of Operations
Latoya Sterling - Assistant to the Director of WNBPA Operations

Legal Department

Ron Klempner - Deputy General Counsel
Sean Brandveen - Counsel
Amy Gold - Counsel

Finance Department

Theresa Clark Messer - Director
Shelia Thompson - Accounting Manager
Kendalle Freeman - Staff Accountant
Tiffani Kenny - Staff Accountant
Yvonne Moiseau - Finance Assistant

Security & Agent Administration Department

Robert Gadson - Director
Lupercia Ten - Assistant to the Director of Security & Agent Administration

Special Events & Sponsorships Department

Latoya Sterling - Special Events & Sponsorships

Communications Department

Dan Wasserman - Director
Talia Bargil - NBPA/

Player Programs Department

Purvis Short - Director
Frank Brickowski - Regional Representative
Roy Hinson - Regional Representative
George Johnson - Regional Representative
Tim McCormick - Regional Representative
Kermit Washington - Regional Representative
Lupercia Ten - Assistant to the Director of Player Programs

Career Development Program

Deborah Rothstein Murman - Director
Jeff Lamp - Career Counselor
Rich Rinaldi - Career Counselor
Lloyd Walton - Career Counselor

Building Management

Wayne Gordon - Property Manager
Mike Chappell - Maintenance Worker

General Administration

Gigi Freeman - Receptionist